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Dr. John HibscherDr. John Hibscher received his Doctorate degree from Northwestern University in Chicago. He is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in treating a variety of psychological disorders during his 35 years in private practice. As a consulting psychologist, he has provided assessment, evaluation, diagnostic, and treatment services to hospitals, health and treatment facilities, and governmental agencies.

Dr. Hibscher is the CEO and Director of Clinical Services for Hawaii Island Recovery, a residential, community based, dual-diagnosis treatment center for those suffering from alcohol and other drug abuse in combination with psychological and emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, other addictive disorders (gambling, sex), etc.

Dr. Hibscher directs a team of skilled and credentialed therapists, employing evidence-based therapies, to end addictions and alleviate painful, co-occurring symptoms. The elimination of these self-defeating, entrapping, and life-destroying negative states paves the way for maximizing the complete growth of the individual , with attention to the physical, emotional, mental, interpersonal, and spiritual aspects of a person as a whole.

Practice description Professional organizations
Licensed Clinical and Consulting Psychologist
American Psychological Association
Private practice
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Director of Clinical Services, Hawaii Island Recovery
Hawaii Island Psychological Association
National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology

Psychological Services

  • Problems/Issues Treated:
    • Anxiety
    • Panic Attacks
    • Social Anxiety
    • Agoraphobia
    • Stress
    • Relationship Problems
    • Divorce
    • Depression
    • Insomnia
    • Anger
    • Weight Management
    • Eating Disorders
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Low Self-Esteem
    • Shy/Withdrawn
    • Phobias
    • Obsessions
    • Compulsions

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Population Served:
    • Individuals, Couples, and Families
    • Adults
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Maximize Potential Through Hypnosis:
    • Confidence
    • Self-Esteem
    • Career Achievement
    • Public Speaking
    • Goal Accomplishment
    • Sports Enhancement

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